Udemy Free :ICOs Investing in Alt-coins and Initial Coin Offerings


ICOs: Investing in Alt-coins and Initial Coin Offerings

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Crypto Unlocked! Learn how to invest in ICOs. From setting up ETH wallet to investing strategies. Get 10x profits back!

What Will You Learn?
  • Understand what an ICO is and how it functions on the blockchain
  • Understand every technicality related to the ICO
  • Understand a Presale, Crowdsale, Hard cap, Soft cap, Individual limit and more
  • Track down and use these technicalities in your favour
  • Understand indicators for a quality money making ICO
  • Track down quality ICO’s based on the type of technology, project structure, team and advisers
  • Analyse the hype surrounding a possibly good ICO through Slack, Telegram, and Reddit
  • Catch all presales and use bonuses and discounts to make even more money
  • Sign up to the ICO Whitelist and never miss the best deals
  • Pool with other friends to get the whale sized deals
  • Understand the principle of crowdsale bonuses and their relation to presale timing
  • Set up your own Ether wallet (and understand what it is)
  • Set up your own Metamask (and understand what it is)
  • Understand the Etherscan website and how to use it
  • Understand the private key security and hardware wallets such as Trezor or Nano ledger

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